Costa Rica Dancecrew

IMG_2861Costa Rica Dancecrew is a group of young dreamers going to Costa Rica to spread the gospel trough dance. It happened after 2 years of prayer, thought and preparation especially by two young leaders. Our role was to facilitate, support, organize and mentor. They ministered through street and contemporary dance. We traveled to different places in Costa Rica using dance for ministry in high and elementary schools, parks, youth events and the beach. After presentations they witnessed, connected with the people, had conversations and prayed them. Dance was an easy way to draw attention and to connect especially with youth. The dances they had were well prepared and excellent.

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“We had amazing time on outreach and it was wonderful to see a dream coming true. I didn’t know what it would look like at first. Besides touching and good encounters with people there, for me the best thing during our outreach was to see each our team member grow. It was a wonderful blessing to see how Jesus touched people’s hearts throught their testimonies, movements, ideas, courage and presence.
Everyone was so brave to come before God, go out of their comfort zone, serve others and trust God for taking care of them. I loved how God gave new dreams and gently called everyone to take further steps of faith in their lives. He is our true healer, meaning and inspiration in life. That’s what I could see God doing in our team and I am truly thankful for that. Seeing what God can do makes a person humble. All this truly blessed me and I can say that each girl’s life in our team is a miracle from God.
We are on a journey, all of us. And it is up to us are we willing to take the steps that God invites us to take with Him. Praise the Lord I took them. He called us, we answered and this makes me happy.”

“I find myself thinking about what an amazing experience our outreach was and how many amazing things God did in each one of us. Personally I experienced God’s care and provision throughout the whole trip and I was encouraged in so many areas. It was cool to see how dance opened doors for example in parks where we then were able to pray for people. One of the things that I won’t forget is a youth camp that we were part of and how well the local youth received us. Even though there was a language barrior, the unity we experienced was amazing. One night we even had a spontanious dance battle, which was super fun. 😎
I want to encourage you, if you feel even little bit that maybe you are supposed to go and take the Gospel for example to the other side of the world, be brave and do it! I promise that God will surprise you. ❤️”

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