Ministry in Costa Rica

These are some of the ministries and projects that we have pioneered and worked with in Costa Rica for the past 20 years. All of them still continue today. For more detailed information about our ministry and opportunities, please visit the YWAM Guanacaste website:

Goal: To give a Bible to each home in Guanacaste

There are 114 000 homes in Guanacaste. People don’t know the Bible at all and even Christians don’t always have a Bible of their own. We distribute soft cover full NIV Bibles house to house through a personal visit, discussing, sharing and praying with the people. The funds for buying and shipping the Bibles come from individual donors. You, too, can participate by donating Bibles or putting together a team and coming to distribute! The distribution of the Bibles happens through the local churches.The price for each Bible is $ 3.00 including shipping.

SEEDS OF LIFE – Young Mothers

This ministry works together with other NGOs and Government institutions to help pregnant girls and young mothers. Teen pregnancies are an increasing social problem in Costa Rica. Through our courses the girls learn about family, health, education and micro business. We also visit and support individual girls. Care packages are given out to newborn babies.


We receive short-term teams from different countries, churches, schools and ministries that visit us from one week up to three months. We organize housing, transportation, food, ministry and translation for these groups in different villages. Most groups are encouraged to participate in the Bible Distribution project, but they also work with local churches, schools, children, youth, do construction projects etc.


The local government schools often lack resources and support. Over the years we have built good relationships with the local village schools and teachers. We have opportunities to go and teach English, computers, Bible, give talks to parents, teachers and students about different topics. During the last years Sexual Education talks have become the most frequent due to the huge need in this area.


Costa Rica is a country full of children and youth! Many of them struggle with violence and abuse in their homes, or lack of fathers. We understand the importance of reaching out to them with God’s love while they are still young. We run regular children’s and youth programs at the base and through visiting teams in other communities as well.


Soccer and recently also floor ball have been important tools to connect with the youth.There is a soccer field in every village and soccer games gather whole communities together regularly. It could be considered another religion… or THE religion in Costa Rica.


DTS starts every September. It is a 5-6 month training course for Christian youth and adults from any country. With 3 months of theory at the base and 2 and 1/2 months of outreach in another culture the students learn to know God and make Him known. A great foundation and investment, no matter what you plan to do afterwards! Schools are bilingual (Spanish-English).


As a ministry team we go out to feed the homeless in the center of Nicoya once a week and share God’s love with them.

Besides these ministries, we also work with local churches, community development and implement many other projects as God provides workers and resources!

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