Help Jordan get education

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-28 at 21.10.25JORDAN is a 16-year old boy. We have known him for 12 years and if you have visited Guanacaste you have for sure met him in the Kids’ Club or walking on the village road with his sandals. His mother died and he lives with his grandfather under the poverty line. In the family there is is illness and the worst kind of challenges that have marked the life of the family and each family member in a very sad way. The family does not support the education of the children. Having supported Jordan in his studies during the elementary school, we know that he has the capacity to learn. We also know how studying and getting a high school diploma can be keys for him to break the cycle in the family and the enemy’s plan for his life.

We are trying to support him so he could return to school in a few weeks when the new school year starts. We are committed to raise and send money for his transportation, uniform, books and school lunches if he commits to going to school and doing his best to keep the grades up. He has said that he will. Would you like to be part of changing Jordan’s future? Would you like to give towards his school expenses? We need about $900 for this year. If you want to give, please contact us by e-mail.

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